I love to write. Whether or not I’m good at it is debatable, but I don’t claim to be a Pulitzer Prize-winning author. My Working Diva persona satisfies the “girly” part of my personality. I’m married to Diva Husband and we have three crazy boys, The Teenager, The Manimal and Little Darth, and a fur creature, Princess the Wonder Dog. Outside of the home, I work full-time as a university event coordinator at Diva U. I’m a follower of the Galilean and try to live my life for Him. I love to craft, cook and clean (okay, so I’m trying to love that last one) and I am fiercely loyal to my alma mater, Miami University, which, just to clear any confusion, is in Oxford, Ohio. As we always said, “Miami was a university before Florida was a state!”

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