Everyone’s a character in one way or another and the Diva family’s no exception! :) In case you’re new around here or just need a refresher, here’s the cast of “regular characters”:

ElleBee: That’s me, the Working Diva. I live in a houseful of male characters, save for The Big White Dog. I work full-time as a University Event Coordinator. I love my family to bits and my work keeps me sane.

Diva Husband (DH): Hubs keeps the home fires burning and does a bang-up job. Any man who buys a robot vacuum cleaner (or three) to solve the dust problem, potty trains his kid in two weeks, and doesn’t want to kick me and the clones to the curb is okay in my book!

The Teenager: Our oldest, born in Y2K. He's in high school. I love him dearly, but that may kill us both. He's a smart and talented kid, and plays trumpet in his school band, which warms this former band director's heart. He and I also share a happy place, Culver Summer Schools & Camps.

The Manimal: Five years younger than The Tweenager, The Manimal’s singular goal in life is to rule the Dark Side or be a character in Minecraft. He’s entirely too smart for his good. We’d fear for our lives if he weren’t so entertaining.

Little Darth: Nearly five years younger than The Manimal, and christened “Darth Vader Clonetrooper Stormtrooper Lastname” by The Manimal months before his birth, Little Darth rounded out our trio of clones (that’s small “c” clone, as in clones of the DH), and made The Manimal a big brother. He’s a beastly child who is proving that he is just as smart and tough as his older brothers. He was our “surprise” kiddo and we love him to bits.

The Big White Dog: The only four-legged member of the Diva family. After the death of our beloved Princess the Wonder Dog, we were without canine companionship for a while. Diva Husband, having grown up with pets and of the belief that boys should have dogs, began the search a few months ago. The Big White Dog is a female Great Pyrenees. She's beautiful, sweet, sheds like crazy, and is convinced she is human.

So there you have it. Our crazy cast of characters in all their Diva glory.

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