Acknowledgment is the First Step...

Well, thank you Lisagh! After reading your entry of February 9, I think I'll have to join your virtual support group. I am definitely addicted to blogs. I actually have my best friend to thank for this. She first introduced me to the blogosphere. First it was Quinn. Then I found Mel's site. Then it was Monogram Momma's.

After that it was a huge snowball effect.

I have about twenty blog links on My Favorites. And that's just because I have the tiniest morsel of self-control (as well as limited web time) that keeps me from scoping out every single link on every single blog. Because I'm sure if I looked, I could find about 500 that interested me.

The worst thing about it is I have no desire to recover. I never considered myself a peeping tom or a nosy nellie, but reading these blogs is, I guess, a form of virtual voyeurism. I thoroughly enjoy the glimpse into other people's lives, especially when I can get good ideas for crafts, menus, shopping, or just a bit of fun. I love "meeting" people from different parts of the country (or other countries, like my aforementioned preppy friend to the north!).

Now, I'm not one to encourage enabling behaviours (that's for my blogging friend, Mel), but for the time being, I'll acknowledge my problem, but enjoy my addiction!


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suburban prep said...

I love reading blogs, too. I don't have one becasue personally I don't think that there is much for me to tell.