There's a character in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Series named "Random". I always think of her when my mind is going a thousand miles an hour on nothing specific. Today is one of those days.

I am leaving in three days for a professional conference in Baltimore, Maryland. The prospect of getting away, sans children and hubby, for FIVE WHOLE DAYS is making me absolutely giddy. Of course, as soon as I start to feel giddy, I begin to feel guilty for leaving my poor boys and Princess Poopy Puppy alone to fend for themselves. You'd think I was leaving them all (big boy included) naked under a tree in the woods instead of leaving them in a comfortable home, refrigerator stocked, with one very competent Nana coming to take care of all of them.

Of course, the preparations for said trip may kill me.

Here is my to-do list of random things that I have to do before I leave the house at (gasp) 5:30 on Saturday morning:

1. Laundry, because clean clothes are a good thing.
2. Make the plans for a funeral happening at work while I'm gone (did I mention that I'm an event planner at a university?)
3. Grocery Shop so my boys don't starve while I'm gone.
4. Bathe Princess Poopy Puppy so Nana doesn't dry heave from eau de dog.
5. Program the electronic sign board at work so it doesn't read "Happy Valentine's Day" while I'm in Baltimore.
6. Buy tickets for Friday showing of "The Last Mimzy", which I'm taking Sweet Son #1 to see on Friday night before I leave. Sort of a "date night" with my 6 year old.
7. Help Husband put the family room back in order, as he's been painting all week. A 15' scaffolding has become a semi-permanent fixture.
8. Send catering invoices to internal clients so they know how much they're getting charged for their various sustenance needs.
9. Decide which outfits to bring to Baltimore in an effort not to overpack or underpack, which I tend to do.
10. Clean out my car so Nana doesn't dry heave from the stench of french fries and juice boxes that have burrowed and seemingly procreated under the seats (remember, I have two boys and small car).
11. Read the owner's manual for Sweet Baby Son's car seat (much like tackling War and Peace in 15 minutes) and figure out how to make the *&%$#+! straps longer so the child less resembles Flat Stanley, due to the pressure of too-tight straps.
12. Find Sweet Son #1's Flat Stanley and pack him for trip to Baltimore.
13. Relocate meeting that has been double booked, because a certain administrator decided to change a meeting time.
14. Make Chore Chart for Sweet Son #1. He's going to be getting an allowance now and needs a visual reminder.
15. Clean spare bedroom so Nana doesn't have to sleep on piles of clean clothes. I know there's a bed under there somewhere.
16. Pack for Baltimore. I dread this necessary evil more than you can possibly imagine.
17. Go to my doctor's appointment on Friday. This is that LOVELY annual appointment. How much more fun could a girl want?
18. Put away message on my email and voicemail.

Now, I realize that I could've probably accomplished a few of these in the time it took to write this post. Did I mention, though, that stress brings out the procrastinator in me? Ah well! I know it will all get done. Eventually. Before I leave. I hope...


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