Separated at Birth?

Who knew that two creatures of different species would have so much in common?

She poops. He poops.

She cries when she wants something. He cries when he wants something.

She tries to eat his treats. He tries to eat her treats.

She has developed selective deafness. He has developed selective deafness.

She likes to crawl into confined spaces. He likes to crawl into confined spaces.

She makes a mad dash for the open gate. He makes a mad dash for the open gate.

She is teething. He is teething.

She nips his ears. He bites her butt.

Yes, my dear readers, you read that correctly. He bites her butt. The two of them will actually bite anything in the vicinity of their mouths. Now for those of you unfamiliar with my family, let me be clear about the players in this little dental drama. "She" is Princess, our 3 month-old Chow-Rottweiler puppy. "He" is Sweet Baby Son, a 13 month-old toddler.

I have discovered that a teething puppy will, if left to her own devices, chew (with intent to destroy or consume) ANYTHING. Recent victims of Her Royal Highness include: a plastic bowling pin, a leather Robeez shoe, a ballpoint pen, a plastic ball, several baby wipes, an inflatable beach ball and two small pieces of blue plastic of unrecognizable origin. The small plastic ball got her into trouble, digestively speaking, and I'm sure the miniscule pieces of plastic i discovered in her poop (which she kindly left in the dining room) were not exactly pleasant to pass. Unfortunately, it didn't dissuade her appetite, and we can have NOTHING within puppy range or it will suffer an untimely death. Fortunately, she really doesn't "bite" people, per se. She nips a LOT, but doesn't actually bite.

Sweet Baby Son, unfortunately does. Hard. I have the bruises to prove it. We usually manage to escape before he breaks the skin, but it is painful, nonetheless. He's a smart little guy, too. He doesn't bite his own fingers, but will carefully guide your hand to his mouth to gnaw on your finger. His favorite trick is to appear to be kissing you, classic baby style (mouth wide-open), but bite down on your cheek just as he makes contact. This leaves you with a questionable looking spot on your face, depending on whether or not you were able to slip your face away at just the right moment.

As I said, who knew that these two little pups would have so much in common?


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