Pack of Rats

I am a pack rat.

There, I've said it. They say the first step toward recovery is acknowledgment.

I must say, though, it's in my genes. My father is a pack rat and it drives my mom, a self-professed minimalist, absolutely batty.

I married a pack rat, too. This makes for a lot of clutter in our home, which drives my mom crazy when she comes to visit.

God must have some great plans for me, though, because my most recent book purchase from Zooba arrived yesterday. Three cheers for Martha Stewart's Homekeeping Handbook! As a side note, I picked this gem up for $9.99! Seriously, you bibliophiles need to check out Zooba.

Then today, I came across a wonderful site, "I'm An Organizing Junkie: Enjoying Life One Pile of Clutter at a Time". Laura is having an organizing contest, which, coincidentally, starts TODAY! Woo-Hoo!

As soon as I can find the cord for my digital camera (do you see why I need this contest?), I'll upload a pic of my home office. As ashamed as I will be to post it publicly, it will, hopefully, give me the impetus to CLEAN UP THE MESS!

So, is anyone else being overrun by a pack of rats? ;)


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Graceanne (aka Zooba Book Blogger) said...

Hey ElleBee,

Thanks for the shout-out! BTW, Find More Time is also a good Martha Stewart-ish read. Check out the Zooba blog for more reading recommendations!