Oh, How We Danced...

Growing up, especially in high school, I often felt as though my brother and I were in the minority among a lot of our friends. Where so many of our friends split their weekends, their summers and holidays between Mom's house and Dad's house, we felt fortunate that our parents were still married.

Next December, they will celebrate their 40th wedding anniversary. We're taking a big family trip to Disney World in February, but would like to get them a special gift for their special day.

I'm turning to all of my friends in the blogosphere for suggestions. I just know you'll come up with some great gift ideas!



suburban prep said...

My parents just celebrated their 46th anniversary. I know that we were going to do a big party for them on their 40th but one of my sisters was going through cancer treatment at the time (she is now in remission). What we did was just spend the weekend together. I have 6 brothers and sisters. Those who were able to come home for the weekend did. One brother shares his birthday with the day of my parents anniversary (he was born 5 years later). We did however get a book together of pictures through the years and had it monogrammed with their initials on the cover.

Head Hen said...

I agree--do something photographic. You can get a professional to take some great shots and then combine them with historic ones (their wedding, your births, fun times, etc) and set it all to music on a DVD for them.

A song I like to use for this is "This is Our Life" which you can find on iTunes by Mary Beth someone.

Anonymous said...

Suggestion...burn a cd of favorite family songs or songs from their era. The label can be a wedding picture of them. You can also do a slide show for the get together or celebration. Picasa.com is a great site. It is free. Good luck!