No News is Good News

In perusing some of my favorite daily reads, it seems that many of us out here in the blogosphere are suffering from the same affliction of e-writer's block. "Nothing new to report" or something similar is the title on no less than five of the blogs I read this morning. Good to know it's not just me! The ironic thing is, my life is no less crazy than normal.

Still have Sweet Son #1 and all of the drama that is his second grade life.

Still have the Manimal, who is actually cutting his two-year molars and if that doesn't drive the both of us to drink, nothing will.

Still have the husband, about whom I don't post often, but he's still there, working and being a dad.

Still have Princess Poopy Puppy, who was in doghouse (or cage, in this case) this weekend for peeing in Sweet Son #1's room. We've decided that the previous owners' dogs must've had a particular penchant for that room, because Her Royal Highness can't seem to keep from relieving herself in there.

All in all, still crazy, still busy, still here!

So what's going on with you?


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Midge said...

I am sooooo glad that it's not just me! Maybe it is a case of the Fall-Dulldrums