I recently made a purchase. Not a huge one (mini, in fact), but I don't often drop eighty bucks on one item. I tend to be a bargain shopper, and with Christmas coming (and a trip to see a certain Mouse not too far off), I've been a bit more frugal than usual.

I've been wanting one of these, though, and the price was right. Today I read up on it, hooked it up, waved my magic wand, spun around three times, said the magic words....OK, not really. I hooked it up, took care of the downloads and listened.

In shock.

And awe.

At the music coming from this.

Go ahead. Laugh.

I was stunned when I heard the music coming from this teeny, tiny, oversized postage stamp sized device. I mean, I'm a child of the 80's. I didn't use a computer regularly until I went to grad school in 1997. I learned to type on a MANUAL typewriter. The first time I ever sent an international fax (In 1995 from Dayton, OH to Holland), I nearly had an anxiety attack trying to wrap my brain around sending data not only across a telephone line, but across whole continents and oceans. I can remember getting my Sony Walkman CASSETTE player.

The fact that this little thing plays music with such clarity is almost beyond my comprehension.

I do realize that this isn't exactly the most cutting edge MP3 player out there, and it is ONLY 1 Gig and ONLY holds 240 songs. Frankly, I have no desire to watch videos or play games on an iPod. And I know I don't have a whole lot of control as to which song comes next, But it serves my purpose just fine, thank you very much.

And bonus! It doesn't have to play The Wiggles. Or VeggieTales. Or Laurie Berkner. (All very fine children's music, mind you.)

And the color? Is hot pink.

What more could a Preppy Mom want?


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