Lack of Substance and the Christmas Fairy

Well, I have one thing to say as we enter the final week of NaBloPoMo. This whole posting every day thing can lead to some REALLY lame posts, as witnessed by my recent offerings. Thank goodness for all of those inane surveys and tests that abound on the internet!

I may have mentioned sometime last week that we put up and decorated SIX trees at work, and that annual event has (as usual) zapped my desire to decorate my own home. Today, when I pulled onto campus, I was greeted by the huge brick gates that flank the main entrance, strung with pine boughs and wreaths with beautiful red bows. Someone decked the halls!

Pulling up the drive, I noticed (and how could I not?) the nearly life-size creche scene beneath trees strung with tiny white lights.

Throughout the campus there are endless signs of holiday decorating. Wreaths on light posts, tiny white lights on buildings and trees. A gigantic wreath on the President's building, itself a marvel, with huge white columns, all decked for the Christmas holiday.

Now, I have worked here long enough to know that this means that the grounds crew worked long hours of overtime during the holiday break, but it is really unbelievable.

I have only one question.

Where is this Christmas Fairy and why can't she just show up at my house?


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