Being a baby blogger, having just recently turned one year old, I'm fairly new to this whole NaBloPoMo business. It seems to me though, that having posted for 13 days makes many people go, "Hmmm...is my life REALLY interesting enough to post something new every day?"

My life is not. I've chosen to fill those "off days" with quotes and fun stuff. I do, however, intend to complete said month with an entry each and every day. And remember, I'm using Blogger, so I don't have the luxury (or at least can't figure out how) of creating entries and setting them to post on a future date.

Reminds me of my Sophomore English Teacher. In addition to instilling in me a love of proper grammar, she also assigned a daily journal entry. These weren't journals in the reflective sense, but more like writing prompts. Every.Single.Day. Vacations and holidays included.

I hated them.

Of course, now that I have the benefit of a *few* years since Sophomore English, I have a much greater appreciation for those daily assignments. They made me a much better writer. Perspective is a beautiful thing.

So while I may tire of posting every day for the 30 days, I'll persist, if only to honor Miss W. and let her know that I was paying attention.

*Just my Observations On NaBloPoMo.


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