Reality TV

So I hear the new season of "Amazing Race" has begun. I know virtually nothing about this show, but my sister-in-law watches religiously.

This past season of "American Idol" was the first time I watched the show. As a former music teacher, I was astonished by the incredible self-confidence of people who clearly could not carry a tune in the proverbial bucket.

I never got into MTV's "Real World", because I am a child of the 80's who remembers when MTV stood for MUSIC television.

I am, however, addicted to the Food Network reality TV.

I loved the last two seasons of "The Next Food Network Star", although I'm not sold on Amy Finley's new show. I do love her cooking style, though, so I'm excited to see where this experience takes her.

I love all of the Food Network Challenges, and even Sweet Son #1 sits and watches those with Mom. Something about the competitive aspect draws him in.

"Dinner Impossible" is another can't miss (although I usually TiVo it). Chef Robert Irvine has an impressive culinary resume, a great wit and is a quick and creative thinker. He also has a fabulous accent, much like my blogging buddy, Chloe!

My current fave, though is "The Next Iron Chef", with the finale airing on Sunday, November 11th. I love the parent show "Iron Chef America", and the two finalists are both excellent. I'm cheering for Chef Symon, though. He's fun and edgy, and I think he'd make a great addition to the Flay, Morimoto, Batali and Cora quad.

So, what do you like to watch?



Heather at Grace303 said...

Thanks for your comment. I just discovered your blog, and I love it! I like Amazing Race, but I can't get my husband into it. We have never watched American Idol. But I'm ashamed to say that we are Big Brother fans. Something about the strategy is fun to watch.

FluteLoop said...

At home in the U.S. I watch American Idol. I'm not sure what I am going to watch this year, maybe Finnish Idol. They sing a lot of songs in English!