Thankful Thursday

On this day when we give thanks, I am grateful for so many blessings in my life.

My children, Sweet Son #1 and the Manimal, who are the lights of my life.

My husband, who loves me and puts up with my moods.

My parents, who are my touchstones and whom I appreciate more now than ever.

My brother, who I'm so glad doesn't punch me in the stomach anymore like he did when we were kids. Who knew he'd turn out to be such a great dad and husband, and my protector, even though he's my baby brother?

My savior, Jesus Christ, and my church, who have been constant in my crazy life over the past year or so.

My pastor at said church, who is a counselor, guide and friend.

My bestest friend. Nuff said.

My blogging buddies, too many to name, but you enlighten, inspire, entertain, educate, inform me and so much more. What more could a girl want?

My job, because I have a good one, even if it makes me nuts.

My country and my rights and those who sacrifice so much to defend her and them.

May you have time today amidst the turkey (or tofurkey, if you're veggie), football, parades and general mayhem to consider your blessings and say a grateful prayer.


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