America's Next Top Model(s)

So as not to scare you, I'll begin at the end.

Merry Christmas from Sweet Son #1, P3 and The Manimal... Doesn't Manimal look thrilled? And trust me when I tell you this was good.

We started the photo shoot like this: Notice the sweet smile on Manimal's face? That is his normal "is that a camera I see?" face.

Things went downhill from there.
Are we done yet?

And worse yet.

The way he's looking at Princess Poopy Puppy, you'd never know they were best buds!
Then I started to lose them both.
The dog, on the other hand thinks that maybe if she sits long enough, she'll get more treats.

And finally, after we got "the shot".
"Just one more. I dare you!"
Well, all I can say is that I think I'll leave portraiture up to the pros, because that was the most stressful twenty minutes of my life!


Anonymous said...

Taking pictures of children, and herding cats. Both near to impossible!

But, nice try, Mom!


Burrus Boys said...

Great pic. If I had thrown the dog into the middle of ours, there would have been no Christmas picture AT ALL. Kudos to you for managing a multi-species shot -- surely a difficult feat by any standard.