Christmastime is Here

I'm not sure why, but I'm finding it very difficult to get myself in the Holiday Spirit this year. In light of my case of "scrooge-itis", I thought I'd share some of the Christmas-y things I have been doing, in hopes that I will be able to get myself out of this funk! :)

I'm not one to follow some of my fellow bloggers by posting a "what I'm wearing today" photo, but I'm feeling especially preppy and maybe even a little classic holiday-ish in this:

It looks sort of green in the pic, but it's really a lovely shade of dove grey, all cable-y and soft.

And is accessorized nicely by these:

After assembling and decorating SEVEN Christmas trees at work, we FINALLY have our tree up at home. It has lights on it and a train around the base. My husband did all of that work, and it will be my job this weekend to decorate the (beast) festive bush from the halfway point on up. Why, you ask?and

What he doesn't take off the tree will surely be eaten by her.

Our church is having the Children's Christmas Program this Sunday. The children are singing Silent Night. Two verses. With a narration in the middle. And the kids choir is singing a verse by themselves. In Haitian Kreyol. I'll be lucky to make it through the accompaniment...

On the plus side, we had our office gift exchange today and I received a fabulous bottle of Round Barn Winery Cranberry. I'm pretty sure I'll be partaking of that this weekend after the boys are asleep and I'm wrapping gifts.



Heather at Grace303 said...

Is that your son? Such a cutie pie!

ElleBee said...

Thank you, Heather. Yes, that sweet, darling little "What? Me, trouble?" face is The Manimal. He's a doll, but his middle name really is trouble...

FluteLoop said...

Aw. He is a cutie! I remember that my parents used to only decorate our tree to the halfway point to. We had a cat though, so ornaments and other tree accessories eventually found their way to our hands or mouths!

FluteLoop said...
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