Happy Holidays, Y'All!

We're doing a bit of traveling this holiday season, visiting my brother in Texas. No one is a native, but my brother and his wife were determined to move somewhere warm, and it was a toss-up between Phoenix and Texas. Because they wanted to be able to venture outdoors on a July afternoon without imminent threat of sunstroke, Texas won. Nana and Papa are enjoying their retirement by spending a few months down here.

We're having a wonderful time, now that we're off the airplane.

I won't bore you with great details, but I'll just share a few facts about our travel. Our travel experience to Dallas will be painfully clear.

1. On my preferred airline, during my choice of travel/dates times, it was not possible to fly non-stop from the Windy City to Dallas.

2. I traveled with Sweet Son #1 and The Manimal, but sans husband (i.e. another adult to balance the child:adult ratio).

3. Being just shy of two years old, The Manimal was a lapsit. He thought it would be fun to "hide" under the seat in front of me.

4. The second leg of our flight was COMPLETELY FULL. As in EVERY SINGLE SEAT. See #3.

5. Due to #3, I was unable to partake in the "beverage of my choice". I had Diet Coke and peanuts, which under normal circumstances would satisfy my beverage/snack need quite well. Due to #3 and #4, this simply didn't work.

Despite my being quite sure that the trip from Kansas City would be the death of me, we made it safely and in a fairly sane state.

I'll let you know how the return trip goes.


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Sasha said...

I'm totally scared of flying with the Sasha Spawn and haven't attempted it yet. Hey, you were close to me over the holidays! I'm not in TX, but close! Hope you had a good holiday!