Naughty or Nice?

As you ponder the cuteness of my boys, allow me to point out a few items that will make Santa pause and consider the question.

1. The tree only has ornaments on the upper half. This was actually a tactic to give the boys (The Manimal) a fighting chance at having a "nice" year.

2. The village around the base of the Christmas Tree appears to have suffered a natural disaster of catastrophic proportions. It is likely to have been an appearance of the not-so-rare Bigfoot (a.k.a. The Manimal), who has a penchant for picking up the buildings, trees and people, and relocating them willy-nilly. This is not his fault, however. Blame the Bigfoot's male parental unit for wanting his boys to have a train and village around the Christmas tree, failing to heed the warnings of a knowing female parental unit. Niceness still intact.

3. Sweet Son #1 has really had a pretty nice year, despite the ever-growing sassy-pants attitude. We'll keep that in check in 2008. The fact that he's a huge help with his little bro counterbalances that naughtiness.

So I suppose they're both pretty good little guys. Even if they've increased my grey hairs by at least a hundredfold each month. Oh well, at least I'm not pulling it out.

We'll save that for the teenage years.

Cheers, and Merry Christmas!


Mel said...

your boys are so cute! merry christmas.

Letters of Thanks to God said...

Happy New Year! Your little ones are tooooo cute! You are so blessed. Melissa