Say Cheese!

Many professional photographers whom I've met will tell you that there are two subjects that make them nervous to shoot: Children and Animals.

I understand completely.

Yes, dear friends, last night I was FINALLY able to get shots of Sweet Son #1, The Manimal and P3 for our Christmas cards. Don't get too excited though, I haven't uploaded them yet (hopefully tonight), but be assured, when I do, you'll be the first to see.

It was an exhausting process that took five Scooby Snacks (for the dog), multiple repositionings of The Manimal (who, apparently, took a sudden dislike to--or mortal hatred of-- his brother and canine companion, as evidenced by his glares, stares, and attempts to escape), pleas to SS#1 to please sit still and look at the camera, and the eventual assistance of Husband.

I think that somewhere in the chaos, an acceptable Christmas Card Photo may have been secured.

We'll see later today!


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Sasha said...

Can't wait to see your pic- glad you got a good one! I agree, it is SO hard to take pics of kiddos!