Ten Things I Think

Thanks to Bryan for the idea for today's post!

1. I am VERY grateful that I don't live in one of the areas of Oklahoma or Kansas that was affected by the severe snow and ice storms this past week. This morning I heard that power companies are hoping to have everyone restored by CHRISTMAS! Holy cats, people, that's still a week away! Another week with no power. My prayers go out to everyone affected!

2. Ibuprofen is a wonder drug. 'Nuff said.

3. I think that Princess Poopy Puppy must have some Siberian Husky in her (she doesn't, really). The number of times that she goes outside to, ahem, "do her business" is directly proportional to the inches of snow on the ground and inversely proportional to to the temperature. She LOVES winter.

4. I'm pretty confident that my home (and my sanity) will not survive The Manimal. Yesterday he completely sprung the oven lock, rendering it completely (as opposed to only partially) useless, opened the curio cabinet and broke a porcelain great dane (my mother-in-law's), got his finger stuck between the plate glass and frame of an end table, washed his hands in the upstairs toilet, and washed his socks (while he was still wearing them) in the dog's dish. And that was in just two brief hours.

5. It boggles my mind that SS#1 can remember when Daddy ran out of gas at the babysitter's house FOUR YEARS AGO, but can't remember to bring home his spelling and math homework.

6. It occurred to me yesterday that I still have not yet shipped my nephews' Christmas gifts. Thank goodness for Priority Mail.

7. I received Stacy's Christmas card yesterday. From Finland. As in the Country of. Have I sent my Christmas cards yet? Noooooo. And yet, my international friend manages to get her cards out A WHOLE WEEK before Christmas. Sigh.

8. At this time of year, I'm always exceedingly grateful for my remote car starter. Now if only I could get a remote driveway shoveler...

9. Our Disney trip will give me an ulcer before we even go. I'm sure of it. Remind me to go directly through Disney next time I get the bright idea to book a Disney vacation.

10. Sometimes God speaks to me through songs. OK, I get the message. This is what he's telling me lately...



Cloggsy said...

OK, I have issues with #7. Stacy was one of my bridesmaids and I DIDN't GET A BLOODY CARD!!!

Ok Ok, I received a big envelope full of Finnish chocolate today from her, so I should really keep my mouth shut.

But seriously Stac, if you are ready this, where's my card huh? Tell your hubby he's no longer Emma's Godfather! (kidding!!)

Sasha said...

We had everyone's power back on by Sunday night! Whew! I totally agree- ice sucks.