Now that The Manimal repeats EVERYTHING he hears, I have to be a bit more careful. Not that I have a potty-mouth, or anything, but I have lots of plastic bricks of varying sizes all over my house.

Did I mention that I like to go barefoot?

And that I'd prefer the dog consume actual edible foodstuff instead of plastic?

We have Star Wars and Batman legos, which means that I'm liable to find a miniscule R2D2 or Caped Crusader in my cushions.

We have Duplos, which are big legos for little kids. Too big for him to swallow, but small enough for me to step on and curse.

Of course, if my kids could build things like this (courtesy of Jenn),

maybe I wouldn't mind the bruising and bad puppy poop quite so much.


tommie said...

ooohhh, stepping on those teeny tiny little pieces are the worst....especially at night when it is dark!

Thanks for visiting my blog! Happy Wednesday

Mrs.Preppy said...

Stepping barefoot on Legos is one of the most painful things, EVER!

Anonymous said...

Stepping on legos comes in second only to stepping on my daughter's rock collection. Good luck on the no-cursing thing.