Seven Year-Old Theology

It began as one of those rare serious conversations with Sweet Son #1. We were coming home from a visit with his cousin today, and as usual, were listening to a local Christian radio station.

Me: "Do you know what we call the day that Jesus rose from the dead?"

Sweet Son #1: "No."

M: "Easter."

SS#1: "Oh yeah! I knew that!" (of course he did, he's seven and knows everything) "Hey mom, I think I know who the Easter Bunny is."

At this point, I was sure that the "childhood magic", including the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus, was over. Bless his sweet little heart, I never could've predicted what came next.

M: "Really? Who?"

SS#1: "Jesus! See, if he rose from the dead on Easter, three days after he died, then he could be the Easter Bunny."

Drawing on the wisdom of Solomon himself, I chose to keep my mouth shut.

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