Best Foot Forward

For those of you who know me, either IRL or through the Blogosphere, it will come as no surprise that I'm not exactly a fashion trendsetter. I tend to like classic, preppy looks, and my wardrobe has lots of staples. When I find something I like, I may even go so far as to buy multiples in different colors. Hence my collection of v-neck cable sweaters and pretty spring blouses.

My feet are no different. Two of my "go-to" pairs of shoes are exactly the same style, but in brown and black. They are a mule-style with a square toe and buckle detail. They're equally fabulous at work and with a great pair of trouser-style jeans.

Which is what I wore to the mall on Saturday morning.

I had to run some errands, and was fortunate to only have the Manimal with me, so I took advantage of the stroller time. I wore a cute black/white spring top, my favorite pair of jeans and my black shoes.

I thought.

It was bound to happen, what with my penchant for multiple colors in the same style.

Yes, I looked down at my feet when I was in the parking lot as I was leaving the mall. There, in all their glory, were my favorite shoes. One in each color.

Can I just chalk it up to Spring Fever?

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suburban prep said...

I hope it made you laugh.
It sounds like something I would do.