When We Last Left Our Hero...

...he was headed off to school with SS#1. He had a great time teaching all of the second graders how to spell his hometown and teaching them all about Canada. He also enjoyed a school lunch of a ham sandwich, baby carrots and some cake as a snack.
After school, we took a trip to the park. Monkey was thrilled to hear there would be monkey bars.
Unfortunately, this isn't the kind of hanging around the monkey bars that he had in mind.
Fortunately, his buddy jumped in and gave him a little ride in the stroller.

The rest of the evening was pretty quiet,but Monkey enjoyed some authentic homemade Mexican food. He wished that fried plantains were on the menu, but gnoshed on chicken tacos, red rice and refried beans. Yum!

Thursday dawned bright and early and Monkey accompanied me to work. Our monkey grew up so quickly. It seems like only yesterday he was in second grade and now he's off to...COLLEGE!

Yes, that's right, Monkey decided to check out the campus life. He was really the B.M.O.C. (Big Monkey on Campus) as he checked out the bookstore.

Unfortunately, Monkey-sized clothing was in short supply. Then he saw a business opportunity.
Fortunately a few kind coeds told Monkey exactly how much money those pricey college texts will get you.

If you look carefully, you'll see the little wings on Monkey's chest. He was so excited to be made an honorary Flyer, that he wondered if he'd be able to fly this to his next stop in Michigan.
He was disappointed to discover that this particular aircraft was grounded and only used for class instruction.
He decided that he'd attend class on his next Monkey Tour.

After all that touring, Monkey needed a break, so he grabbed a seat outside and caught up on campus news.
Today, his last day in town, was no less packed with activities. Monkey had his first visit to the dentist. He was a little nervous, but the friendly hygienist Tina really made him feel comfortable. She showed him how to brush carefully and told him to keep up the good work as he travelled.
Monkey did so well at the dentist that we decided to take a little drive. Monkey got to see the official state flower of Illinois...
The construction barrel! He was surprised to see so many of them as he "got his kicks".
That's right. It winds from Chicago to L.A., and right through Romeoville--Historic Route 66! Monkey was so excited to travel down this road, and even more excited to see Jake and Ellwood!
We took a break from our drive to check out a roadside attraction in nearby Joliet.

Monkey's excited to move on to his next stop, but not before a relaxing dinner tonight and good night's sleep. Stay tuned for the next installment of the Tour!

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The Barber Bunch said...

I love all your monkey pics. So Funny!

And Yes.....it sounds as if you might know me. I do have a younger sister named Kim.

What's your name? where you living. I will forward your blog addy to Kim!

Small world?