So THAT'S Why They Don't Listen!

When SS#1 was a toddler, I asked the doctor to check his hearing. The doctor asked me to elaborate and I told him that SS#1 just didn't seem to acknowledge me when I spoke to him, even if I raised my voice. The doctor smiled kindly at me and said that he didn't think anything was wrong with my toddler's ears.

His diagnosis? Selective hearing. He assured me that ALL children developed this condition at some point. He was right. The Manimal has developed it as well.

Now, with SS#1 getting older, he seems to have developed brain damage. At least that's Bill Cosby's diagnosis.


FluteLoop said...

I love Bill Cosby: Himself. I couldn't tell you how many times I have seen it. I don't even have children of my own yet, but having taught I can understand the "brain damage" all too well.

suburban prep said...

You are too funny.
I think that my mother would agree with you because when we were younger all of us went through some stage of these.

lisagh said...

So funny!

Miss Sandy said...

Thanks for the smile!