I Hear, the Secrets That You Keep...

Come on now, all you children of the 80's, finish that song!

Yes, apparently like SS#1, The Manimal has inherited a trait from his mother. He talks in his sleep. I've had entire conversations with SS#1. Coherent, rational conversations that, in the morning, he has NO memory of, whatsoever.

The other night, The Manimal carried on the Diva tradition.

He was in our bed, sleeping peacefully, when suddenly, he kicked me and hollered "KUNG FU PANDA!"

Not only does he talk, he does kung fu.

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Elizabeth said...

ooooo...this will give you YEARS of bloggy material. my brother was a talker (like big time) from day 1 (almost) and he's 27 now and his wife has the FUNNIEST stories...most of the time...he's a body builder so if he goes "kung fu" on her, it really hurts!