Like so many others, I've been trying over the past several months to really watch what I feed my family. As someone who works full-time outside the home, it's often difficult to avoid processed foods completely. I'd love to be able to only feed my family homemade, whole foods, but I'll admit to bribing my children/saving time/saving my sanity with the Golden Arches 3 or 4 times a month. While I know it's not the healthiest option, I rationalized my choice with the excuses above.

My boys are partial to their cheeseburgers. SS#1, being a "big kid", typically gets the Double Cheeseburger Mighty Kids Meal, of which, he usually eats the cheeseburger and ends up throwing away the fries. The Manimal, on the other hand usually takes two bites of the cheeseburger in his Happy Meal (the rest of which ends up as dog food), and sucks down every.last.french fry. One saving grace in the fallen Arches meal is that neither of them drink soda, with SS#1 getting Powerade and The Manimal getting milk or apple juice.

After reading Heather's post, however, I'll be rethinking my visits to Mickey D's...

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