Maybe you remember our visitor from last May. The friendly little Canadian Simian whose Mommy sent him on a trip across the USA.

He'd made quite a few stops and visited some fabulous places.

Unfortunately, he's missing.

That's right. He's been MONKEY-NAPPED! And we're all just devastated, especially little people like Sophie, who was so looking forward to hosting Monkey in California. Or big people like Trish, who was hoping to show Monkey the wonders of Florida.

But the most bummed of all is Lisagh, Monkey's Mommy. She's a wonderful, trusting soul, who's probably now a bit jaded about the whole very cool concept.

Hopefully Monkey's captor will see that a ton of people out there are sad and willing to help get Monkey back, even if it means sending money to pay for the postage or even meeting her somewhere to pick him up!

Please send Monkey back! We miss him!


More, More, More said...

yes... puhl-easseeee release him!!!

Cindy said...

I'm thinking we need to take up some of the bloggers in that area to stage a rescue mission. She is ignoring phone messages, emails, Facebook pleas. What else is there left to do??

Thank you so much for your words over on my blog. If we can all hang together through times like these, there probably is hope for world peace. :)