Douglas Adams fans will recognize the title of my post as Deep Thought's answer to the question of life, the universe and everything.

I know YOU never asked the questions, but sometimes I need to get caught up with myself!

1. The shopping? Is nowhere near being done. I'm making some Christmas gifts, but not all. I have part of The Manimal's done, and that, my friends is IT.

2. The baking? After a very successful Christmas Cookie Exchange with our Women's Group at church, I've decided never to bake or eat Christmas Cookies again. Ever. Until I go home for Christmas.

3. The baking part 2? Finnish Coffee Bread. I absolutely have to get some of that made. Six loaves, I think.

4. The Tree? Is up and has lights, thanks to Diva Husband. Ornaments to come later. We couldn't find the center pole to our big tree, so we've got the 6' tree on an end table (The ceiling in our family room is 19'. Small trees? Notsogood.). Which, as it turns out, will likely be the best option considering the possibilities with my soon-to-be three year-old and his canine sidekick.

Oh, and the missing center pole for the big tree? Neither of us can remember throwing it away, so I'm pretty sure it must be living a secret life as a Festivus Pole.


georgie said...

I was LOL@ the baking part!!!

Jenners said...

Ooooh...you'll change your mind on the cookies!

Love the shout out to Festivus Pole!