Beans, Beans, the Musical Fruit

Or not.

While we were visiting the Diva Grandparents, we decided to cover all the bases with regard to New Year's meals. The traditional meal in my family for New Year's Eve is crab legs, and we had a lovely salad and an obscene amount of Alaskan King Crab Legs--delish!

On January 1st, we ate a traditional German/Bohemian New Year meal of Roast Pork and Sauerkraut--yum!

And finally, in celebration of my boys' Mexican heritage, we had homemade beef tamales on January 2nd! Although neither of the Diva Grandparents have a drop of Hispanic blood in their veins, they both love Mexican food, and requested black beans with queso fresco as a side dish. Easy enough, right?

We purchased a couple of cans of "frijoles negros" from one of my favorite grocery stores, Aldi.
I've used these beans before and they're totally yummy. I'd purchased the queso fresco at a local Mexican grocer and thought I was all set...As you can see, we opened the cans to find either the biggest, whitest black beans ever grown, or papas blancas--the common white potato!
Sweet Son #1 was just as miffed as we were! So much for Frijoles Negros con Queso...we had to go with standard pinto beans! Tasty, but not what we were hoping for.

On the plus side, we got to stun the Aldi District Manager with bean cans full of potatoes! Quite the New Year surprise for her!


C. Beth said...

Ha! Wow, so weird!

Ronnica said...

That throws you off, doesn't it? I went to make some taco soup the other day (which is just a bunch of canned beans and veggies) and I poured in the diced tomatoes first. They weren't diced tomatoes at all, but tomato soup! I'm just glad it was the first thing I poured in (it's not like I was paying attention) so didn't ruin what I was making. It might have tasted better without the tomatoes, anyway.

I had planned on getting my money back, but threw away the can as it was smelling up my car.

Ryan Ashley Scott@Opitimistic Cyicism said...

That's a shocker - love the angry face, though!

Chris said...

I guess it could have been worse but darn the bad luck.

Oh yeah, this post is the Featured Post over at Worth a Thousand Words.

♥georgie♥ said...

wow what a surprise! Congrats on being featured at WATW

Schmendel said...

Just so you know, you've now been drawn into the plot. It's a war between Mexico and Ireland. The Mexico side highjacks shipments of potatoes and replaces the labels. That way, people who are trying beans for the first time ever are strangely unsatisfied. Score one for the Irish.

Chris said...

Schmendel, I don't think your doctor would approve of you randomly commenting on people's blogs. Did you take your medicine?

I am sorry ElleBee. I will call Schmendel doctor write away.

Denyse said...

That is so funny! I'm glad I'm not the only one that has strange things happen to them.