Seventy Six Trombones

Well, he actually plays the bass clarinet, and he's not exactly Professor Harold Hill, but I'd like to introduce you to a new IRL blogging friend of mine, The Music Man. His wife is my dear friend Heather, who blogs at Finding Me in the Madness and is the Green Queen, of The Green Queen & The Salt Fiend fame.

Anyway, the Music Man decided that since H. refers to him as such, he should have his own "notes". Get it? Notes? Hahahahahaha....he's a band geek, so it's all good! ;)

Anyway, check out his new blog. Definitely, as I told him, a "man blog", complete with football picks and other sports mentions, but he's OK. Go give him some bloggy props.

After you check out his blog, go cheer for my bloggy buddy, Denise. She's celebrating her 200th post (Yay, Denise!) and has a fun giveaway.

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sunrae said...

I love the new look!!!! The pics of the boys are to cute!