Survey Says?

Hey there fellow bloggers...

I'm interested in your opinions about blogging platforms. Especially those of you using platforms other than Blogger.

Did any of you start with Blogger and switch? Why? What are you using now?

Any Blogger folks considering switching? Why? To what?

Just curious!

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Sandra said...

Welll, I'm certainly not an authority. DD set up my blog on wordpress because it was free, and we weren't sure I was going to like doing this!

So, at one point I decided to "get real" and switch to blogspot. But once I tried it out, I just didn't find it as user friendly. so, I aborted the move and stayed with wordpress. I have to say that there are times when I wish I was with a more "mainstream" platform, because wordpress is sometimes excluded from things -- like advertising.

But, having said all that, the tech support at wordpress has been wonderful. I am really lame at all this, and they have always been very quick and patient in responding to my questions, and have always helped me with an answer. For what it's worth...