The Coke Tsunami

This is from one of my daily blog reads "Mabel's House". I'm not sure if it was the subject matter or the creative presentation, but it served me well as my much-needed Monday Morning Humor Break. The original, witnessed and penned by Liz herself, can be found here.

Driving home from work, I saw the most horrible, most hilarious, most slap-stick event. Ever. And you know I had to write about it.

Picture this. I was leaving my office parking lot and came to a four way stop. When I stopped, I noticed a woman barreling along in a Taurus. She was chatting on a blue-tooth and it was obvious she didn't see it was a four way stop, so I just stayed there, waiting for her to plow through.

Taurus lady is going about 30 miles per hour and at the last minute, she spots her stop sign. Her head whips sideways as she sees my car. Her mouth forms a panic stricken O and her eyes widen as she realizes she's about to run it. And with that, Taurus lady slams on her breaks.

Now what I didn't tell you is that Taurus lady was holding a lidless Big-Gulp cup in her right hand. Full. To the brim.

And as she slammed on the breaks at 30 miles an hour, tires shrieking, the Big Gulp was subjected to the sheer inertia of the stop. And that's when I saw the tsunami. A big, dark brown wall of coke rose up past the rim of the Big Gulp in a wave-like arch... crashing into Taurus lady's blue-tooth, face, hair. A victim of the Coke Tsunami.

And there she stopped, the hood of the car sticking out past the stop sign, coke dripping from her hair as she sat, stunned and blinking. And that's when the cursing started. Of course I couldn't hear her, but reading her lips wasn't hard. I didn't really know what to do. So I gave her a little wave and took my turn at the four way stop, before the laughter started. Laughter that made tears run from my eyes. Laughter that followed me all the way to the freeway and halfway home. Body shaking, snort-inducing laughter.

I can still see this playing over and over in my mind. And I hear what you're saying, "LIZ! This is so mean to blog about that woman's misfortune." But the bottom line is... all bets are off when I witness an actual Coke Tsunami.

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Jenners said...

She sure got hers!