Hell Hath No Fury

Like a mother scorned...

So tonight was going to be pizza night at Chez Diva. Pizza and pasta, to be precise. We'd planned to order from a restaurant that, for purposes of this story we'll call Pizza NOT.

We typically order from a local pizza joint that has really good pies, but we'd heard rave reviews about the pasta from this national chain restaurant. So I went online to find the number.

At this juncture, a few things are very important to note.
  1. There are no fewer than SEVEN Pizza NOT restaurants within a 9.5 mile radius of my house.
  2. THREE of those restaurants are fewer than 5.5 miles away.
  3. ONE of those restaurants is less than 3 miles from Chez Diva
  4. NOT A SINGLE one delivers to our home.
I called FIVE restaurants, only to be told by each one that they can't deliver to our home. Can't. Apparently their computer system won't even allow them to TAKE a delivery order that is outside their prescribed delivery area.

Now, while I can certainly appreciate the fact that the individual stores have no control over this ABSURD policy, that doesn't reduce my frustration level at all. So, of course, I contacted Pizza NOT's corporate offices and registered my complaint. Of course, I now have to wait for a call back, but rest assured, this isn't the end of the pizza saga.

"Pizza Hut: Now You're Eating"

....Just Not Our Food!

I'll keep you posted!

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