Hey Old Friend

Seems like everyone I know, used to know, or want to know is on Facebook.

My mother is on Facebook. My pastor is on Facebook. One of my favorite college professors is on Facebook. My college friends, high school friends, even some of my grammar school friends are on Facebook. Former colleagues, current colleagues, they're all there.

It's a bit overwhelming, really. I'm the type of person who compartmentalizes my relationships in my head. I have a section for family, which has grown to "his" and "hers" since I got married. I have a section for my current coworkers, a section previous coworkers, a section for my college friends...you get the idea.

Since I've been on Facebook, those sections have overlapped. I discovered that one of my students from my teaching days (12 years ago, in Ohio) is good friends with one of my former graduate assistants here at Diva U. I also discovered that my neighbors graduated from the same undergraduate institution as my brother (again, in Ohio), only a few years apart. AND those same neighbors are good friends with a fellow colleague here at Diva U. and a friend who now works in Cincinnati. Weird, huh?

I knew I was in too deep, though, when I recommended a friend to a former student of mine who'd gone on to study at my alma mater. Both were Miami Grads, but from different eras. My former student responded to me with "Do I know this guy?"

All because my friends insist on overlapping in my brain.

On a related note, Facebook helped me discover that a former co-worker also counts herself among the ranks of "mommy bloggers". I'd forgotten (since it's been more than TEN YEARS since we worked together!) how very funny she is, both in person and in print. Go check her out and give some bloggy love. She is Sandwiched between Chiquita, Mr. Hoagie and her little ones.



Jackie said...

Well Said!

The same thing has been happening to me on Facebook.

Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for the shout-out! Sorry about that Diet Coke thing. I'm sure your sinuses will recover soon.

C. Beth said...

You know, I just started FB a few weeks ago, and I really am not crazy about it. It's definitely been nice to get back in contact with old friends, but a lot of FB stuff just annoys me. Oh well...it's been easy for me not to get too addicted to it, and THAT'S a good (and surprising) thing!

ElleBee said...

Lucky you, Beth, for escaping the FB timesuck! :)