It's a Small World After All

Don't you love me for putting that song into your head? :)

One of my daily reads is Rue's Peanut Butter and Jelly Life. She's a small-town girl at heart and was living in "Mayberry", a small town in Ohio. I loved reading her daily musings about her wonderful life in Mayberry.

Recently, Rue and her family moved to another small town in Ohio, "Mayberry, Jr.". They're doing some remodeling in their beautiful new home, and Rue's doing some exploring around Mayberry, Jr.

On reading one of her recent blog posts, I thought a photo that she'd taken of a local park looked very familiar, very similar to the small town in Ohio that I called home for most of my childhood. My folks still live there, and we visit a few times a year.

Because I'm weird that way, I dropped her a note, telling her how similar Mayberry, Jr. looked to my little hometown. And wouldn't you know it? Mayberry, Jr. IS my little hometown! I'm so excited to go home in April, and I'm hoping that Rue and I can meet for coffee or lunch. How cool is that? :)

So sing it with me kids!

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C. Beth said...

Oh, how fun! That's very cool!