Right now, on a Saturday morning, I'm roasting chicken. With fresh garlic and thyme. And lemon pepper. And olive oil. And sea salt. It's making my mouth water.

We've been purchasing most of our food through Angel Food Ministries, and this month, there was a bag with chicken legs and thighs. While my boys (the biggest one included) are somewhat picky when it comes to chicken, and prefer the white-as-snow boneless, skinless breast meat, I wasn't going to let that much food go to waste.

So I'm roasting it. Did I mention the fresh garlic and thyme? And lemon pepper? And olive oil? And sea salt?

Then after I roast it, I'll meticulously pick the meat from the bones to use in other dishes, like chicken flautas. Or tacos. Or chicken salad sandwiches. Or chicken and dumplings.

You're drooling on your keyboard. Here's a napkin.

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