Consistently Inconsistent

One of my blogging buddies, C.Beth, recently wrote about blogging with discipline. Basically, rather than "taking a break" when she feels she has nothing to say, she plows on through and tries to write a little something every day. Writing intentionally rather than, as she says "waiting until a perfectly-written post is already floating around in your brain."

I like this idea a lot. Other than my NaBloPoMo posts for November, I've been guilty of some "writer's block" periods of absence from blogging. Don't get me wrong. I lovvvveee to write. I worry, like a lot of my fellow cyber-writers, that if my posts aren't pithy, well-written, humorous or touching, no one will want to read them.

So other than November, I end up posting consistently inconsistently. I write "when moved by the Spirit", so to speak. This says a lot about my life, though. I tend to be enthusiastic about projects or activities in the beginning, or in spurts, but when the enthusiasm wanes, so too does my commitment to the project or activity. It's not that I don't WANT to be wholly committed. The desire is often there, it's just not strong enough.

Or perhaps my reasons aren't right. I recently heard an interview on NPR with one of my favorite performers, Kristin Chenoweth, where she spoke about her participation in pageants, and how in her quest for the Miss Oklahoma title, she never finished higher than second runner up. She said something to the effect that she decided she never won because she wanted it "for the wrong reasons".

Rationale aside, I like blogging. I enjoy writing. Comments, while not my sole purpose, thrill me to no end, because it means that people actually took extra time when reading my words. Sort of like receiving an unexpected postcard from a friend who went on vacation... "Hello from the Blogosphere, wish you were here." Writing is a way to open my brain, pour out my heart, exercise my mind and vent my frustrations.

All good things.

And even better if I try to write a bit every day. Even if it's just to tell you things like SS#1 lost another tooth yesterday and decided to leave questions for the Tooth Fairy. Like how old she is (634) and how many teeth have been lost over time (a lot).

And how The Manimal is officially potty trained. And that I know this because he gets out of the bathtub to pee, then gets back in to finish playing taking a bath.



Jackie said...

I like that idea too. I don't blog every day but I do sometimes write about things that are probably of no interest to anyone else and that's okay. I LOVE comments too but the main reason I started my blog was for myself and to journal about what is happening in our lives. It's just a bonus when someone comments.

Jackie said...

Oh, we're potty training our 3 year old too and he does the same thing while taking a bath. LOL!!

C. Beth said...

Love the tooth fairy story. Those poor kids who lost teeth 635 years ago--they sure missed out!

And thank you for the shout-out! :)

Linda said...

Luke once lost 2 teeth in one day.
He put them under his pillow with a picture for the tooth fairy. It was of himself showing the new spaces in his mouth. He then said that he better get a lot of money because he had lost a lot of blood. He signed it the double de-tothed boy. Yes, he spelled it wrong. I still have the picture 15 years later!