Monkey See, Monkey Do!

Today I received a package.

It came with a pedigree.

And a declaration.

I unwrapped the plain brown paper to find this.

See the cute little "postage stamp"?

I opened the box...

(I know you can't see a picture here, but it was the sweetest little wrap job you ever saw. Brown paper package tied with a string!)

And it is my pleasure to present the newest addition to the Diva Family,
Miss Beatrice Monkey!

The amazingly talented and creative Sian was SO wonderful to work with! She enclosed Beatrice's story on a little card:

Beatrice juggles the hectic life of working monkeyhood, raising her three monkeycubs alongside authoring five novels, one of which made the Monkey Times Bestseller List 2008. She also finds the time to act as Patron to several charities close to her heart, overseeing the organisation of two annual charity dinners which raise much-needed funds and publicity for sock monkeys in need.

Her tiara and briefcase are removable, for when she's just kicking back with the family. I absolutely LOVE her! She's bound to have some wonderful adventures!


five tomatoes said...

She is adorable! How fun to have your very own monkey pal.

lisagh said...

She's just darling! Love the tiara.

Midge said...

What a cutie! she's adorable!!!

tommie said...

She is adorable! Love the tiara

FluteLoop said...

She's a cutie! I just love her little accessories!

siansburys said...

Yay! I am so glad she arrived safely! And I love seeing how the packaging looked all those miles later! :D x