And I Was Doing So Well...

My disciplined blogging sort of fell by the wayside. But just to show you I've not totally gone off the deep end, I'm spreading some linky love today! :)

In another lifetime, I was a high school teacher. I had the privilege of teaching some wonderful kids who, not surprisingly, have grown into wonderful adults. Through the magic of Facebook, I've reconnected with a lot of them, and some of them have homes on the Interwebz!

Like photography? Check out Leslie's amazing work at Keough Photography.

One plus one equals four, or almost four. Angie recently started a fun family blog. Her little Ava's a dolly and life will certainly change for the Barnes Family when Baby Boy Barnes arrives!

A laid-off lawyer who discovered she has a thing for writing, roller derby and lipstick, Karen Lynn O'Brien loves life in the Windy City.

Busy girl Gwyn is a graduate student who works full-time in University Conference Services, has her own business as an amazing baker and blogs about life with her hubby and kitties. If you're local to the Dayton area and are in need of some fun cakes or cookies, check her out at The Fox's Oven

Beth is a dear heart on a journey. In her words, "out of the pit and on to the Rock". She's desperately in love with Christ and working every day on her journey. She's on the brink of a big move and I love reading about the changes that God is working in her every day at Preserved by a Promise. She's also a talented photographer.

Hope you all enjoy this little tour. Happy Tuesday!

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