I love to travel. Maybe it comes from growing up an Air Force Brat, where "visiting family" usually required no less than a 300 mile (one way) road trip. I don't mind driving long distances to see family or friends.

I don't mind flying either, but with small children, I tend to worry more. Of course, my worries usually involve how my kiddos' behavior is affecting the other passengers. SS#1 is old enough that he's a pro at flying (having done two solo trips last year). He flew more in the first five years of his life than I did in my first 30! On one of our last trips to Texas before The Manimal was born, SS#1 settled into his seat (we weren't even moving yet), turned to me and said "So when will they bring me my apple juice?"

Anyone who has traveled with children knows that no matter how stress-free or relaxing your trip is, the child factor will magnify even the smallest, most seemingly insignificant issue, and the best laid plans will unravel at a rapid pace.

So now imagine this. You and your Superstar Husband have three lovely children and you are pregnant with your fourth. You live very happily in the Western United States. Then you decide to move.

To India.

And you give birth there. And you travel some more.

With four children.

Both you and your Superstar Husband happen to be bloggers and photographers. So the Interwebz can share in your adventures.

Rae and Chinua are amazing, wonderful people who are travelers in the truest sense. On Fly, Fishes Fly!, there is a fabulous little iMovie about his rickshaw adventure in Delhi with Kid A, YaYa and Leafy Boy.

And if you want to meet Rae and Solo (the fourth) and see more adventures of this little family, you can meet up at JourneyMama.

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