Unreal TV

I can't stand it any longer. I'm caving to the popular (or unpopular) opinion. This will be the first and last I will say on the Gosselin debacle that is playing out in the paparazzi, press, and reality television.

Initially, I was taken with the TLC show, Jon & Kate Plus 8. Who wouldn't fall in love with the sweet little faces of all those kiddos? Jon was a hard-working father, providing for his suddenly expanded brood, and Kate was a self-proclaimed OCD Mom who ran her houseful with a heart of love and iron-clad agenda.

As the seasons progressed, I became more and more irritated with Kate's nagging and constantly berating her husband. The show became less about the day-to-day adventure of raising "2 six year olds and 6 two year olds" and more about what the family could "get" from the publicity, such as free vacations, ski equipment, spa treatments, etc.

I quit watching the show over a year ago, when the couple started talking about their faith and raising a Christian family. I just couldn't reconcile my thoughts about a "Christian" family with what I was seeing on television.

When the current controversy over marital fidelity hit the press, I don't know that anyone was really surprised. Some viewers are on Jon's side, saying that it's no wonder he allegedly strayed, given Kate's constant berating and nagging. Others are on Kate's side, saying she's the rock of the family, and only has the best interests of her children in mind.

Others, like me, are just tired of the whole story. I do find it interesting that they are "soldiering on" and trying to avoid the paparazzi, but yet have made no mention of quitting the show.

If you're even remotely interested, check out The QC Report and her take on J&K+8. Unless you're a big fan of Kate. Then just go back here.

I promise you a less controversial post soon. It will involve two active boys, a long road trip and an unexpected stay in the hospital.

And a snunk.

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