Where's Nancy Drew When I Need Her?

We've decided to rename our youngest, the one you all know as The Manimal. His given name is one we like very much, but recent events have led us to give him a more, well, appropriate name.


As in Hector the Collector.

Allow me to elaborate. Last night, around 9:30 pm, Diva Husband discovered that Crackberry phone was missing. We searched high and low, indoors and outdoors, calling his phone from every other phone in the house. Over an hour was spent looking for the dang thing phone.

All to no avail.

So I called TeeMobile and asked them to check for outgoing calls in the last four hours (thinking that perhaps Princess the Wonder Dog had developed opposing thumbs and was calling her boyfriend Dan the Man Labrador), then asked that they put a restriction on all outgoing calls until we rectified the situation pleaseandthankyouverymuch.

Fast forward to this morning, as I was getting The Manimal his clothes for school. I discovered a blue shopping bag in his secret lair bedroom and just for fun, I checked it out.

And there it was, in all its Blackberry glory.

Along with a computer thumb drive, an empty $25 Visa gift card, a small (but very expensive) magnifying glass and a flashlight.

When I confronted our little perp about the contraband, his simple response was that "Daddy wasn't in his office."

Uh-huh. Case closed.

Now that the case is solved, you can go read about another odd item finding. My bloggy buddy The Original Octamom discovered that one of her kiddos has been experimenting with cryogenics. Thank goodness we live many states apart, because I don't need her kiddos giving The Manimal ANY help...

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