Friday Fragments?

It's Friday, it's Friday!

Today is my LAST day of work for a whole week. I don't have to come back until DECEMBER 1st! :)

DH and I were watching Letterman last night. Dave's not been really funny in quite a long time, but for some reason, we keep coming back. So we've come up with this new game. Lately his three favorite topics have been Bernie Madoff, Sarah Palin and Paul Shaffer's new book. He's bound to mention at least one of them, and if he mentions all three, we figure he's hit the Late Night Trifecta.

Two nights ago, it was all Sarah, all night.

Last night, twelve minutes into the show, he brought up Sarah Palin.

Eight minutes later, he was pushing Paul's book. We waited with baited breath, hoping he'd be batting a thousand.

Sadly, we only went two for three last night. No Bernie.

The Manimal was "eckercising" last night. He was using a drawer handle (that DH had purchased) as a barbell, and pretending to "lift weights". Now, just to be clear, this is the SAME drawer handle that he has been told multiple times NOT to touch. I told him to go show his father, that daddy would LOVE it.

He walked into Daddy's office, grunting and straining as though he were a champion lifter. DH told him to go put the drawer handle away RIGHT NOW.

The Manimal walked by me quickly, handle in hand and muttered, "He didn't love it."

"Twilight New Moon" premiered last night (or more accurately, this morning). I didn't see it. I won't see it. I haven't read the books. I have no intention of reading the books. Bella, Edward and Jacob really have no appeal to me.

I must be getting old.


April said...

Love your Letterman game!
I don't get the New Moon thing either.
Happy FF

Confessions Of A Working Mom said...

That Letterman game has me laughing... and wondering if viewers of my newscast do the same thing with swine flu, the salvation army, and job losses.

And I'm with you-- New Moon holds no appeal to me... I wish it did, because it sounds entertaining... I just can't do vampires and werewolves.


The (Un)Experienced Mom said...

I must be getting old, too b/c I don't have any interest in those books/movies. Although, I also have no interest in Harry Potter. Maybe I'm just boring?!


Stacy (the Random Cool Chick) said...

Love your Letterman game - hubby and I do similar things to make it more interesting... ;)

That's too funny that Manimal was 'eckercising' with the forbidden drawer handle - and even funnier what he muttered on the way past you... :)

In the vast sea of Twilight fanatics, it's nice to know I'm not alone in not having read the books or not chomping at the bit to go see the movies. :)

Happy FF a day late! :)

mub said...

I read the books... the first one wasn't horrible. The next one WAS horrible, but by that point I kept thinking "these have got to get better, right?" Well, they didn't. So feel happy that you didn't waste some of your life reading them ;)

Mrs4444 said...

I LOVE that story about the drawer handle-total LOL.

I'm with you on the Twilight series.

The David Letterman story reminds me of when people used to watch the Bob Newhart Show and take a drink every time someone in the show said Bob's name :)

Happy Thanksgiving!!!