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I love doing crafts. Unfortunately, I don't do them very often, with the exception of the occasional Christmas craft. I have, over the years, dabbled in many crafty projects. As a child, I once worked on a simple plastic canvas needlepoint project for TWO YEARS before I completed it.

Yes. Two years.

I get interested and then my interest wanes. Consequently, I become a Jill of All Trades (and Master of None), when it comes to crafting.

I especially have a huge respect for stampers/scrapbookers and absolutely LOVE the finished products.

I tried scrapping once. Unfortunately, my envisioning skills are often more developed than my execution skills. The best laid plans and all that.

My photos usually end up in simple albums, or, worse yet, in a folder on my computer. I'm pretty sure that without Facebook and my blog, Diva Nana might suffer serious withdrawal from her boys.

I've stamped a few greeting cards in my time. But after a few cards, my perfectionism would kick in. Trying to line everything up perfectly, or make sure I had the perfect paper and pattern would make me crazy, which of course is in complete opposition to the relaxing effect crafting is SUPPOSED to have.

I figure at least I know my limits.

A college friend of mine is one of those amazingly creative people who FAR exceeds my stamping/scrapping abilities. Michelle is a consultant/director for Close to My Heart. She "Inks Outside the Box", in her words!

What amazes me are the projects that can be created with stamps. On her CTMH site, Michelle has this totally cute photo cube project that's made with a "stamp of the month".

How cute is that? What a great gift that would be for family or friends!

This next project was from what Michelle calls her "December BlogHop". What a great hostess/teacher/friend gift this stationery would be. She even gives a step-by-step "how to" on her blog.

Michelle is in a contest to promote CTMH's new acrylic stamps. She's created a fabulous video extolling the many positive aspects of acrylic stamps. She's trying to get as many page hits as possible, so head on over and take a look! You'll get a kick out of it.

A three-legged kick, to be precise! ;)

And maybe you'll be inspired to be all artsy-craftsy!

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