For You, Timmer! :)

It's January 2nd and we are in the first deep freeze of the year. No surprise, of course, for two reasons.

1. It's Chicago.

2. It's winter.

Having worked with teenagers for a part of my career, I have encountered Captain Obvious more than once. You know Captain Obvious, right? He (or she-obviousnessness doesn't discriminate) would walk out in January in Chicago and come back in the house, shivering and complaining.

"It's SO cold out there!"

Uhm. Yeah. It's WINTER!

"But it's so COLD!" Captain Obvious restates, as if somehow conveying this sentiment more strongly will make his case.

One word. Winter.

And in this deep freeze, I'm headed north with Diva Husband to pick up a plow blade for the tractor.

North. Where it's COLDER. And SNOWIER.

I just have to bundle up and remind myself.

"Yes, Captain Obvious. It's WINTER."

1 comment:

Jenny from Chicago said...

But ElleBee, it's sooooo cold out there!!! Brrrrr!!!

It's time you knew my secret identity....Capt. Obvious.