Post-It Note Tuesday

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Adrienne said...

Love this post very fun filled but I am a team Jay chic ...I hated Conan so see ya later gator and Dave is just icky to me... But hey thats what cable is for love and hate =) have a great week thanks for stopping by and yes those tiny lego men are the worst on my feet

Mommy Lisa said...

I love Dave.

I am following - I liked your post-its and the few posts I had a chance to read.

I also liked your About Me. ;)

Anonymous said...

Dave? Jay? Conan?

What's the point? We love our Jon. Stewart, that is, of The Daily Show fame. :)

Though I have to say I love @ConanOBrien 's tweets!

I am Lee-Ann... said...

I hear you on the winter, I am so DONE! Happy Post it Note Tuesday!

Erin said...

I am also done with winter. I live in the south for crying out loud. It might SNOW tonight!

Shell said...

See ya, winter! What is wrong with this weather????? Ugh!