Friday Fragments

Yes, I'm still alive. Turns out, growing a baby takes WAY more energy than I remember! Or maybe it was the week I spent in Kentucky for a conference for work. Or perhaps the fact that work is insanely busy during March and April. At any rate, I'm exhausted more often than not, and when I'm not, I'm probably working!

Sweet Son #1 has a new name. Starting today, he'll be known to the interwebz as The Tweenager. While he will always be my Sweet Son #1, I felt it time to give him a name more appropriate to his stage in life. He'll be 10 this summer, and has already begun the behavioral leap into his pre-teen years.

Speaking of The Tweenager, he has spent the past week with Diva Nana and Diva Papa. It was a huge surprise trip for him, as my folks were here for Easter, then we packed his suitcase and told him Monday morning that he was riding back with them. He's had a blast and flies back tomorrow, wrapping up his spring break with a birthday party tomorrow night and the Cub Scout Pinewood Derby on Sunday afternoon.

The Manimal has been spending his brother-less Spring Break week (who knew that preschoolers got a Spring Break?!) playing Lego Star Wars on the Wii, playing with real legos with Daddy, going to the park, torturing Princess the Wonder Dog and wreaking general havoc whenever he feels his home life is going too smoothly.

The Manimal is also fascinated with the fact that Mommy is "gonna poop out a baby". This was the conclusion he reached after I explained that the baby wasn't coming out my mouth or my belly button, and the doctor wasn't going to cut me to get it out (hopefully!). He looked at me with those big brown eyes and after a moment said "You gonna POOP dat baby out?!"

Uhm. Well. Yeah, sort of.

So that's my life in a nutshell. And how've you been? :)

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Amanda said...

too cute! is 'manimal' excited to have a younger sibbling? or are you preparing yourselves for territorial issues :)