First Blood

The Diva Homestead has been invaded by a seemingly innocuous, gentle species. They're sweet-looking, cute and fuzzy.
Yes, I'm talking about the Lagomorpha Leporidae.

I prefer to call them the "wascally wabbits".

We started having problems with them last year when they discovered my hostas in the front yard. We're trying to avoid them attacking our lovely tomatoes and herbs and many assorted young trees in the back yard.

However, we're a peaceful people, and haven't resorted to anything more extreme than spraying fox urine around the plant beds.

Yesterday, Princess the Wonder Dog changed all that.

Diva Nana and I were sitting out on the patio, enjoying a break in the humidity and watching the dog run around the yard. Suddenly I heard it.


Yes, it.

It was the most horrible squeaking, squealing sound I can ever remember hearing. It is burned into my eardrums for all eternity.

I immediately knew that Princess had used her wondrous powers for evil, and ran over to the fence.

She had discovered a nest of the creatures, and helped herself to the contents. One of the poor little things had become her toy and was making the noise.

I summoned Diva Husband to come to the rescue of the quickly expiring creature, and he disposed of it. Unfortunately, there was really no way to keep nature from taking her course, and pretty soon Princess had made short order of FIVE of the little bunnies.

I tried to block the aural and visual images from my mind by humming "Circle of Life" from "The Lion King".

It didn't work.

Now that she's had her "First Blood", I'm just hoping Princess the Wonder Dog doesn't go all Rambo on us.

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FluteLoop said...

Tragic! I hope it is out of her system. Maybe I am too sensitive, but I tear up a little when I see a poor, deceased little animal. It just tugs at the heartstrings.