Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something....Green

By now most Americans know that Chelsea Clinton got married this past weekend. The media glommed on for a multitude of reasons, not the least of which being the secrecy that surrounded the preparations and event itself.

It was reported that the secrecy was due not to requests from her slightly famous parents, but from the bride herself. And really, who can blame her? It's not like the media have a history of being civil kind to her. She clearly wanted this day to be about celebration, friends and family, not about her dress, the guest list, the locale, the money that was spent, or any of those other things that bridezillas the press seem to lap up like heavy cream.

Oh, but the money. Yes, the money. THAT is what had people's tongues wagging even before the happy couple said "I do."

The Clintons were rumored to have spent anywhere from $1M to $5M on their only child's wedding. Yeah. $11K just for a cake.

A cake. A consumable good. People EAT it, for Pete's sake.

Now, I don't know anyone in MY social circle who is financially secure enough to spend THAT much on a cake, let alone the wedding. And yes, frankly I think it's more than absurd to spend that much money on ONE SINGLE DAY in your life. Apparently in 2010, the "average American wedding" (whatever that is) costs upwards of $28K. As an event planner, I can certainly understand HOW one could spend $28K on a wedding event.

Notice I said understand HOW. That is very different than understanding WHY. That logic escapes me.

But I digress.

The Clintons are rumored to have spent $1M to $5M on the wedding of their only child. And people are livid. The economy is in the toilet. People everywhere are suffering. Children are starving. Dogs and cats, LIVING TOGETHER.

Okay, so maybe I exaggerate.

It's THEIR money, people. THEIR daughter. Sure, I personally think it's an IN.SANE. amount, but hey, if they can afford it, more power to them. As far as the economy goes, when was the last time YOU gave the economy a boost like that? Seriously, all those Benjamins went to a multitude of caterers, servers, bakers, tailors, valets, bus drivers, housekeepers, musicians, photographers, makeup artists, hairdressers, airlines, travel agents, retailers...

Need I go on? That money was poured into the economy in Rhinebeck, NY and many other locations. Talk about a stimulus!

But of course, the naysayers will still talk. "If they have that much money, they should do something worthwhile with it!"

What about people, with a far smaller net worth, spend a few thousand dollars on, say, a really upscale television? Nobody questions them, right?

"But two thousand dollars can do SO much good for ____________________!"

What about people who spend $200 on a pair of gym shoes for their kid?

"But two hundred dollars could buy food for a family of four for a few weeks, maybe a MONTH!"


The bottom line is simple. You may not like what people spend their money on, but in the end, it's THEIR money. All we can really do is toast the happy couple and be grateful for people like the Clintons who have that kind of money to pour into the economy.

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five tomatoes said...

You so summed up my feelings on this!