Music Monday: I Will Survive

Yeah, just when you think things can't get any crazier, they usually do. :) Nothing big to report in the Diva Household, just trying to wrap up my work world so I can go on maternity leave with a clear conscience and trying (with my wonderful DH doing most of the home work) to prepare our house for the impending arrival of Mr. Baby.

I'm always amazed how such a small little creature can create so much havoc without even being present in the world yet!

After three weeks of "nothing yet" from the doctor, I spent the weekend squirming and waddling through contractions and backache pain, which leads me to believe that tomorrow's doctor's appointment will be different.

Of course, as I reminded DH, at this stage, I could have contractions for a week or two with no visible (or invisible, as the case may be) progress.

The Manimal has FINALLY relented (sort of) in his quest to name Mr. Baby "Darth Vader". More accurately, he wants to call him "Darth Vader Clonetrooper Stormtrooper DivaLastName".

He's nothing if not persistent. He "earned" a new Storm Trooper helmet by (FINALLY) sleeping in his own bed. Then he requested that I call him "Rex" (the name of the Storm Trooper in question). When I explained that Rex wasn't his name, he said "just call me that, Mommy." To which I replied that he could "just call" the baby Darth Vader, but Mommy & Daddy would call him by his given name. After a brief pause, he ACTUALLY agreed to that.

Then he said "But I don't want to hear anything more about that other name."

The Tweenager is probably ready for the Mr. Baby, but, being ten, he's too cool to really talk about it. Plus, he's ten.

Did I mention he's ten? Really, if I would've known that my sweet nine year-old would've turned into a moody, attitude-driven pre-teen, I'd've requested a skip right to 18.

Which would likely bring its own problems, I know.

Which brings me to today's Music Monday. Love the song and the video cracks me up every.freaking.time I see it.


Anonymous said...

Can't wait. Keep us posted. You're totally gonna live tweet this birth, right? ;)

ElleBee said...

It's so funny that you mention that. I was mentally making a list last night and wanted to make sure I bring the camera cord to the hospital so I can upload pics afterward. For some reason, I thought of Twitter (which I really don't do often) and thought "there are probably some crazy ladies who live tweet the labor/birth process!" :)